Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Stop Reacting and Start Living By Choosing To Repond To Life

Stop Reacting to life and start responding

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Are you reacting to life? Or are you responding to life?
These two statements might appear to mean the same thing. But there’s a subtle difference between them. That difference albeit subtle makes a world of difference in the results people get.

John Maxwell once said “Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it”.
The aim of this post is to change a little - which becomes a lot if applied consistently - bit of the impression of the quote above.

Empower Yourself To Stop Reacting Automatically

Empower your mind with powerful thoughts. You can change your reactions. It all start in the mind. For you to react to a situation, it means you’re constantly adjusting to life. You consider yourself to be powerless. So when life deals a hand, you reciprocate by adjusting yourself or bending to the hand bend to the hand you’re dealt.

For one to be reacting to situations, means one is not taking the initiative. It shows there is a dirth of new novel actions and ideals to reach for. You live reactionarily. Life throws you a curve ball, you react predictably.

Start Responding To Life

So to paraphrase our quote above. “Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I respond to it”.

To respond in any scenario is to make a conscious effort to not act in any predetermined or automatic manner.

To respond is to take proactive measures to forestall the re-occurrence of an unfavorable experience.

To respond is to live life consciously. To live life like a functional human being with the capacity to think, and not react to experiences like an automaton.

Little wonder folks who are admitted at the hospital who get better daily, are said to be ‘responding to treatment’. Whereas those whose conditions are declining are said to be ‘reacting to treatment’ or are said to be ‘having a reaction’.

With a little forethought on our part we can respond to life and live consciously. Making decisions that would positively impact on our long term physical and emotional well being. Despite the temporary pain we might have to put up with.

Take advantage of this moment 

NOW to choose an area of your life where you’ve been reacting automatically. It could be your patience level. It could be your pain tolerance. It could be how to stop spending mindlessly and grow your finances. It could be acquiring a new hard or soft skill. The list is endless.

The next step. Decide to take proactive steps to either change it completely, or make it better on your terms.
Followed by writing out three possible actions you will take to stop reacting and start responding.

Finally. Make a commitment to yourself, your mum, sibling, spouse or friend to take a daily action on what you have put down.

Change your life on your terms, before life forces you to change it on her terms. You might not like her terms. Nobody does.

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